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Mockery is a project that creates mock implementations of Golang interfaces. The mocks generated in this project are based off of the suite of testing packages.

Why mockery?

When you have an interface like this:

type DB interface {
    Get(val string) string

and a function that takes this interface:

func getFromDB(db DB) string {
    return db.Get("ice cream")

You can test getFromDB by either instantiating a testing database, or you can simply create a mock implementation of DB using mockery. Mockery can autogenerate a mock implementation that allows us to define assertions on how the mock was used, what to return, and other useful tidbits. We can add a //go:generate directive above our interface:

//go:generate mockery --name DB
type DB interface {
    Get(val string) string
inpackage: True # (1)!
with-expecter: True # (2)!
testonly: True # (3)!
  1. Generate our mocks next to the original interface
  2. Create expecter methods
  3. Append _test.go to the filename so the mock object is not packaged
$ go generate  
05 Mar 23 21:49 CST INF Starting mockery dry-run=false version=v2.20.0
05 Mar 23 21:49 CST INF Using config: .mockery.yaml dry-run=false version=v2.20.0
05 Mar 23 21:49 CST INF Walking dry-run=false version=v2.20.0
05 Mar 23 21:49 CST INF Generating mock dry-run=false interface=DB version=v2.20.0

We can then use the mock object in a test:

import (


func Test_getFromDB(t *testing.T) {
    mockDB := NewMockDB(t)
    mockDB.EXPECT().Get("ice cream").Return("chocolate").Once()
    flavor := getFromDB(mockDB)
    assert.Equal(t, "chocolate", flavor)

Why use mockery over gomock?

  1. mockery provides a much more user-friendly API and is less confusing to use
  2. mockery utilizes testify which is a robust and highly feature-rich testing framework
  3. mockery has rich configuration options that allow fine-grained control over how your mocks are generated
  4. mockery's CLI is more robust, user-friendly, and provides many more options
  5. mockery supports generics (this may no longer be an advantage if/when gomock supports generics)

Who uses mockery?

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